Designer’s Guild Wallpaper: Essence of Spring

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We’re at the turn of a season, Spring is coming to a near close as Summer approaches. With thoughts of somber rain clouds, and tranquil showers leading to delicate blooms these five Designer’s Guild wallpapers genuinely capture the perfect essence of Spring. Featuring soft white and gray tones, as well as deep and lighter hues of ultra violet.

Beginning with the showers, Delahaye Zinc, and Corneille Fuchsia represent the velvety gray clouds of April. Delahaye Zinc uses abstract paint formations ranging from white and gray speckles to dramatic strokes and drizzles like rain washing away the blue sky.

Corneille Fuchsia, another abstract painting wallcovering uses tones of violet and yellow spaced scarcely among the dark gray and white splashes to depict a soft golden sun trying to emerge from the pale gray sky.

As the saying goes, showers lead to flowers. The Summer Palace Grape wallpaper represents the transition between the two natural forces happening simultaneously. The print features turquoise and emerald leafage at the top sinking into the soft violet flower formations and a sea of purple gradient.

Designer’s Guild: Emilie Silver is a gray scale mural of white blossoms, atop dark gray geometric etches and markings. The details of this wallpaper look as if they’re pencil sketches on an artists’ canvas.

When the clouds melt away and the flowers bloom, Designer’s Guild Alexandria Amethyst depicts luscious mauve, violet, blue and white floral arrangements. The differentiating size of flowers keeps this wallpaper from looking too dull, and the attention to detail in each flower is stunning.

Do you agree with our artistic vision of Spring? Let us know in the comments below! And click this link to checkout the other Designer’s Guild Wallpapers we have available.

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