Eye Catching Blue and White Fabric Choices

blue and white textiles

Hello there, and Happy Monday from L.A. Design Concepts! Today we’re going to be discussing some fun and modern patterns designed in one of time’s most tried and true color combinations: blue and white.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t seen a simple blue and white striped ‘nautical’ inspired print? It’s an effective classic done many times before. Since these colors work so well together, we’d like to highlight some great pattern applications that stray away from the ordinary and help your design moment truly stand out from the rest.

To start things off we’re going to break down each of these less traditional blue and white pattern choices starting from top left, and heading downward.

VICTORIA HAGAN - Summer Square - Indigo / Periwinkle
VICTORIA HAGAN – Summer Square – Indigo / Periwinkle

This Victoria Hagan textile, “Summer Square” is great for a couple different reasons. This pattern plays with circle and square geometric hollow shapes differentiating from a darker blue and a softer sky blue and is arranged in a checkerboard style that draws your eye all over it. Due to the hollow shapes, it isn’t too harsh to look at, and the use of negative white space makes the entire pattern more relaxing and fun. It gives off a retro geometric feel that is playful and appealing.

SCHUMACHER - Exotic Butterflies - Marine
SCHUMACHER – Exotic Butterflies – Marine

This Schumacher fabric, “Exotic Butterflies” depicts assorted plant life and leafage with whimsical and detailed butterflies scattered through out. The style of the art within this textile reminds us of the traditional Alice In Wonderland. With all of the elements being so intricate you would think this print could easily be overwhelming, but the soothing cream / off-white background ties it all together. We think this textile is an excellent Spring or Summer pick for the adventurous who love a bold and eccentric pattern.

KRAVET - Urban Twist - Cerulean
KRAVET – Urban Twist – Cerulean

Kravet’s “Urban Twist” is a clean and modern textile. The geometric placement of figures resembles viewing gemstones from varying angles. Placing this lively and contemporary pattern onto any piece of furniture or pillow adds depth and character. If your home or design moment desires to be current yet classic, we think this fabric will do the trick.

SCHUMACHER - Beauty Bark - Ocean
SCHUMACHER – Beauty Bark – Ocean

Last but not least this Schumacher textile “Beauty Bark” stands to be one of our favorites. Like the name suggests, this pattern is an abstract take on the texture of tree bark. Using rough around the edges and randomized shapes, it creates an organic sensation that is truly eye-catching. With the navy blue and white colors at such high contrast, it’s hard to look past this design. However, the color combo keeps it sophisticated and looking like a true work of art.

Thanks for checking out some of our eye-catching blue and white textile picks! Also, many of these textiles come in other color-ways if you’re not a die hard blue and white fan.

If you love these, or have anything to say feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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