L.A. Design Concepts: Our Story

Our story begins in 1987 when founder and designer Frank Keshishian launched L.A. Design Concepts, a residential interior design firm.

While Mr. Keshishian was busy designing interiors for his clients, he came to recognize a fast growing market of consumers who preferred to make their own design decisions. Understanding that desire, Frank created the first design service offering consumer access to designer “trade only” furnishings.

In 1988, L.A. Design Concepts was nationally recognized by the press as a groundbreaking company that was revolutionizing consumer access to goods that, up to this point had been unavailable to them.

The Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles was very intrigued with L. A. Design Concepts’ working model and approached Frank in 1990 to formulate a consumer service  program within their design center;  L.A. Design Concepts became the first service within a design center that provided consumer’s access to “trade only” furnishings.  Shortly thereafter an increasing number of interior designers and architects recognized the value of streamlining their access to these products through a single source. LA Design Concepts made it possible for interior design professionals to provide sought after designer products to their clients without having to maintain separate accounts with each manufacturer.

Almost 30 years later, L.A. Design Concepts has built solid, trustworthy relationships within the “trade only” industry. These same manufacturers are now allowing Frank to offer their product lines directly on L.A. Design Concepts Inc.’s new platform.

Our new website is the first of its kind featuring hundreds of thousands of “trade only” products available for purchase to consumers, designers and architects. L.A. Design Concepts would like to thank all of the manufacturers who have supported our services throughout the decades. Your support has contributed to our industry’s ability to successfully keep up with today’s ever-changing marketplace.

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