urban electric garrison hang

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urban electric garrison hang
Urban Electric – ‘Garrison Hang’

If you’re seeking a light fixture solution look no further. L.A. Design Concepts is working with Urban Electric to bring elegant and modern lighting into your home with ease.

Urban Electric offers a wide variety of lighting options with modern design trends in mind.

Above we have pictured the Garrison Hang, a simplified chandelier with an industrial tinge.

The versatility of the pieces within Urban Electric’s collection is one of the reasons we love them. Pictured above you can see the ‘Garrison Hang’ easily fits into different types of atmospheres and interior moods.

To shop any of these lighting options from Urban Electric, just simply find the product you’d like on their website and give us a call for a quote and pricing information. We can shop all of their products for you. 

In addition to their traditional collection they also offer a ‘Quick Ship’ program. All products within the quick ship program dispatch within 2-4 weeks of receiving your order, cutting down that wait time so you can finish your projects sooner. Click on any of the photos above or below to learn more about the specifications of that fixture.

These four lighting options are just a taste of their expansive quick ship selection.

If you’re interested in ordering any of these products, just give us a call and tell us which one and we can easily get your order started.

Urban Electric Quick Ship Options Preview

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