Our Osborne & Little Spring textile Top Picks

Spring has definitely already sprung, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late embrace the mood of the season. We’ve chosen some of our favorite textiles / fabrics / wallpapers from Osborne and Little collection.  All of these textiles can be used as wallpaper when paper-backed, so if you’re not upholstering for a project, you could transform that washroom into a mid-Spring night’s dream. For our inspiration we drew from different shades and hues of raspberry. As well as bold geometric patterns that can define a new beginning for anyone looking for that fresh start at this point in the year.

osborne and little japonerie

Our first pick is Osborne & Little’s ‘Japonerie’. Would you even be able to consider this a Spring textile top picks list without a floral? Of course not. However, we chose not to go to the obvious picks of lilies, daffodils,  or your typical rose print. This Asian inspired floral print features soft clusters of flowers amidst light wood branches.

osborne and little japonerie
Here is an image of the sapphire ‘Japonerie’ as a decorative cushion, and paper-backed as wallpaper. The combination of the light grey neutrals and the sapphire floral really just looks stunning.

The patches of floral differentiating in size draws your eye all over the print, not leaving any room for a single dull moment. The gray beige backdrop really makes the flowers pop, and the white crane flying among the trees is an elegant detail we’re obsessed with. Available in 3 other color-ways : sapphire, cyan, and burnt orange so you don’t have to compromise.

osborne and little tarkashi

Our second pick in the list goes to Osborne & Little’s ‘Tarkashi’. This textile’s geometric pattern imitates a floral shape in our eyes, but is open to interpretation.  The deep rich colors of this fabric really attract attention when placed with careful thought. We chose the dark rich raspberry tone, but any of these sensational color-ways can fit our Spring top pick’s list.

osborne and little tarkashi
These cushions upholstered in Osborne & Little’s Tarkashi give off such a deep rich luxe vibe. We’re on board.

Due to the fabric’s content, it gives off this almost velvet like texture without looking tacky. At LA Design Concepts, we’re all about luxe and plush fabrics, so this one easily made it into the #2 spot.

osborne and little's chevron breeze

Our final Spring pick is Osborne & Little’s ‘Chevron Breeze’. This fun and fresh take on the traditional stripe pattern is definitely a bold choice. We chose the black and white color-way for that exact reason. In a world where the tides are always changing, this zig zag arrangement feels fitting. If the black and white is a bit too hard on the eyes, go with the sandy neutral, or light gray mixed with off white. These patterns give off a fun transitional Spring time vibe that easily carries over into Summer.

Used as a fabric for a fun decorative cushion, easily throw these onto any outdoor furniture set to add a fun bold accent. It’s definitely an eye-grabber that we’re a fan of. Pool day anyone?

Thanks for checking out our top Spring picks for Osborne and Little! If you loved any of these feel free to click through, you can easily purchase them through L.A. Design Concepts. We’ve been connecting consumers and designers to the trade-only brands since 1987. Check out there entire collection here. 

Do you agree with our picks? Whats your favorite Osborne & Little fabric for Spring? Let us know in the comments.


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