Trend: Modern Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis Styled Pieces

Combine the appeal of clean minimal design with the warming and cozy touches of rustic desert decor, the result is a style that you can’t take your eyes off of: Modern Desert Oasis.

In today’s blog we’re going to be covering some gorgeous picks and pieces that can easily help you create your own desert oasis in your home.

Start with the basics: Seating

For this style, we’ll be using lots of exposed wooden frame chairs with rich earth/clay tones.

Next Step: Accessorize

Adding that natural desert ambiance is sometimes as simple as decorating existing furniture or space.

Mohair throws are great for draping over a chair or couch. Decorative pillows can add the desert look you’re looking for just by throwing them on top.

These Curated Kravet accessories can be mixed and matched and used in a variety of different ways.

Set it Down: Modern Wood Coffee Tables/Surfaces

The key to making this a ‘modern’ desert oasis, and not a natural history museum is the choice of gorgeous wood finish tables and surfaces.

The Mimi London and Robert James pieces we chose for this section make a nod to the great outdoors with defined and bold wood finishes, but feature modern touches that keep it from feeling dated.

Tie it all together: Rustic Desert Vibe Rugs

A well chosen rug can completely make or break the space. These Ready-to-Ship rugs from Kravet range from minimal neutral tones, to strong amber and clay colored themes.

With our picks, you can’t go wrong.


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