Black and White Done Right

Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light, while white is the opposite of black, it is a collection of all colors of light, resulting in what we know as white. The power of these two colors presented together is an extremely high contrast combination. However, due to the high contrast, the colors provide balance to each other.

We’ve seen through out time many applications such as the yin-yang symbol representing the balance of light and dark. It’s said that “opposites attract.” To put it another way: contrast creates completion. The convergence of black and white (more so than many other color combinations) is an example of how two divergent colors communicate more powerfully together than they do on their own.

Which is exactly why we’ve compiled some extraordinary black and white textiles from our collections that will help your design moments be distinct.

ROBERT ALLEN - Phantom Manor
ROBERT ALLEN – Phantom Manor

The first of our four fabrics we’ll be discussing is the Robert Allen textile: Phantom Manor. This pattern depicts some wild flowers scattered through out the print, leaving small white areas of negative space in between to relieve the eye. The majority of the flower’s form is also white, to ensure this print isn’t too dark. The black tipped petals overlapping each other on the flowers creates some nice geometric eye-candy. We love this textile for an outdoor upholstery moment, or a fun way to add some outdoor accent to a traditional indoors space such as the living room or foyer. 

DURALEE - DI61619-12 Black
DURALEE – DI61619-12 Black

Another favorite is this Duralee Fabrics print illustrating a formation of cranes flying together as a fleet. The background of this textile is an off white or cream color and in the foreground we have a geometric representation of a top down view of these gorgeous creatures. Typically the crowned crane is found in the eastern and southern regions of Africa, giving this fabric a highly desired exotic and foreign feel. Upholstered onto some decorative cushions, or even an entire couch, this print will bring life into any design moment.

DURALEE - 21112-101 Jet
DURALEE – 21112-101 Jet

This Duralee textile features an ikat formation that looks as if it was painted in water color right on the fabric. The way the ikat seems to melt away at every edge is a delicate touch we’re into. Looking closer, the print isn’t purely black, it actually features gray and black flecked within itself. If you’re looking for an elegant and soft pattern with a strong note, this Duralee print is a fabulous choice. We’d love to see it upholstered onto a lounge chair as a statement within the space, or even onto pillows to accent a seating option that needs a little spice.

DURALEE - 21107-101 Jet
DURALEE – 21107-101 Jet

Concluding our showcase, is another Duralee textile. Black and white checkerboard has been a pattern seen in countless settings through out time. It’s a classic, that has noticeably been more popular as of late. We love Duralee’s rendition featuring a slightly elongated diamond formation. It’s very close to a traditional checkerboard, but the slight changes in shape and size draw us in. If you really want to go bold, upholster this print on a love seat or couch to create a tantalizing source of attention in anywhere throughout the home or other type of space.

Thanks for checking out some of our favorite black and white textiles, if you’re interested in any of them simply click the image to head to the detail page for each of them. Do you agree with our picks? What other black and white formations are you a fan of? Let us know in the comments below, and if you’re a true black and white fan follow our Monochromatic Mastery Pinterest board!


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