New Social Media Direction

L.A. Design Concepts, as of April 2018, is now under new social media direction. It is our plan to provide you with new structured content not just for the sake of posting. We want to inform you on exciting new breakthroughs in interior design to keep you on the insider’s loop of “trade-only” trends and styles.

It is also our goal to share artful ideas that will inspire others and showcase our amazing selection of beautiful textiles and furnishings. We believe that this new direction will unify our existing clientele and reach out to others curious about improving their home.

In addition, we believe designers will find this new direction helpful in their search for the perfect products and textiles for their clients as well.

We look forward to having an amazing 2018 in Social Media, and we want to thank all of you that have joined us thus far. We only strive to improve onward.

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