15 Sculptural Lights That Impress

Light art or luminism is an applied art form in which light is the main medium of expression. It is an art form in which either a sculpture produces light, or light is used to create a “sculpture” through the manipulation of light, colours, and shadows.

Tired of the tried and true?

Light up your space artistically with these gorgeous sculptural lights.

arteriors sculptural light zanadoo chandelier
1. ARTERIORS – Zanadoo Fixed Chandelier
charles loomis lighting capolino chandelier
2. CHARLES LOOMIS – Capolino chandelier
charles loomis lighting quill chandelier
3. CHARLES LOOMIS – Quill chandelier
ironware international lighting ondine 7 light chandelier
4. IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL – Ondine 7 Light Oval Chandelier with crystals
charles loomis lighting zaffiro sconce
5. CHARLES LOOMIS – Zaffiro sconce
hilliard lighting rain pendant
6. HILLIARD – Rain pendant
arteriors home lighting roxanne flush mount
7. ARTERIORS – Roxanne flush mount
ironware international lighting cassiopeia 5 light chandelier
8. IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL – Cassiopeia 5 Light Chandelier
arteriors home lighting payne chandelier gold leaf
9. ARTERIORS – Payne Chandelier
charles loomis lighting menage sconce
10. CHARLES LOOMIS – Menage sconce
arteriors home lighting webster chandelier
11. ARTERIORS – Webster chandelier
hilliard lighting rna pendant hang light
12. HILLIARD – RNA Pendant
arteriors home lighting dallas chandalier
13. ARTERIORS – Dallas chandelier
charles loomis lighting stix ceiling mount chandelier
14. CHARLES LOOMIS – Stix ceiling mount
decorative crafts lighting buca chandelier silver
15. DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Buca Chandelier

Talk about works of art, these hand crafted light fixtures are truly mesmerizing.

From retro gold piping art-deco inspired sculptural lighting, to unconventional modern appliques this list has lights for any need.

If any of the products in this article interest you, simply click on them to find out more information about specifications (size, materials, etc) or simply give us a call.

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5 Stunning French Living Rooms by Grange Furniture

Hello DIY Designers, today we’re going to be taking a look at 5 gorgeous contemporary and transitional French living room interiors.

All of the furniture and pieces in these photos are from Grange furniture, who is known for manufacturing fine French furniture since 1904.

Grange uses its 110 years of experience to redefine the company and acquire a fresh image in keeping with the brand’s values: respect for authenticity, savoir-faire and emotion as well as the art of French-living.


grange furniture french living
Grayscale Cozy interior by GRANGE


GRANGE furniture transitional
Transitional interior by GRANGE


GRANGE french furniture
Touches of Olive interior by GRANGE


grange furniture french living
Spring themed French interior by GRANGE


grange furniture contemporary french
Contemporary French interior by GRANGE

Notable pieces within these interiors include:

grange striped stacking console
GRANGE – console


grange furniture table jacob console
GRANGE – Jacob console


grange jacob coffee table color block
GRANGE – Jacob coffee table


grange french furniture coffee table retractable
GRANGE – coffee table with retractable leaves


grange domino chest 5 drawers
GRANGE – domino chest with 5 drawers


grange multicolor color block chest of drawers french
GRANGE – chest of drawers


grange gray daphne sofa french furniture
GRANGE – Daphne sofa


grange white low sofa chesterfield
GRANGE – Chesterfield sofa


grange meridienne chaise
GRANGE – Meridienne


grange arsene leather armchair
GRANGE – Arsene armchair

With the majority of Grange furniture, you can have up to three custom finishes for free included within the price. All pieces are made to order custom for whatever your interior design moment requires.

L.A. Design Concepts is the authorized Grange Furniture dealer for the Los Angeles area. If you’d like to shop any of Grange’s other products not included in this list, you can simply give us a call!

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Abstract Attraction – Textile Faves

Happy Tuesday from LA Design Concepts! We’re continuing our textile favorite highlights with a bit of a twist.

Today’s category is ‘Abstract Attraction’ showcasing some of our on the rise textiles and fabrics from the top designer brands.

Rustic Gold Legacy – Gorgeous golden textiles with character:

opuzen fabric new wave elektra bronze
Opuzen Fabric – New Wave Elektra
robert allen even out night sky
Robert Allen – Even Out
fabricut hoopla textile rootbeer
Fabricut – Hoopla
fabricut fabrics nandy nile
Fabricut – Nandy

Aged golden highlights among burnt amber tones give these four textiles depth and reason to be displayed.

A touch of gold and brown can do a space wonders, understated luxurious textures and prints give any project the feel of undiscovered treasure.

If understated luxury isn’t quite your style, our next category is lighthearted and free.

Summer Splash – color rich and vibrant textiles for the season:

lulu dk fabric shine yellow
Lulu DK – Shine
clarke and clarke fabric merengue sunset
Clarke & Clarke Fabric – Merengue
duralee fabric multi squares patterned textile rainbow
Duralee Fabric – DP42638-215
highland court fabric primavera textile fabric print
Highland Court Fabric – Primavera

From zany and eccentric chevron inspired prints, to soft water color brush strokes, these bright and vivid textiles let the color flow through your project.

You can click on any of these textiles to be taken to their respective product page with more information about fabric content, other color-ways, and pricing.

Or you can simply call us and let us do the work for you, we’ll get your order started quickly and easy.

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Modern Lighting Solutions, Fast

urban electric garrison hang
Urban Electric – ‘Garrison Hang’

If you’re seeking a light fixture solution look no further. L.A. Design Concepts is working with Urban Electric to bring elegant and modern lighting into your home with ease.

Urban Electric offers a wide variety of lighting options with modern design trends in mind.

Above we have pictured the Garrison Hang, a simplified chandelier with an industrial tinge.

The versatility of the pieces within Urban Electric’s collection is one of the reasons we love them. Pictured above you can see the ‘Garrison Hang’ easily fits into different types of atmospheres and interior moods.

To shop any of these lighting options from Urban Electric, just simply find the product you’d like on their website and give us a call for a quote and pricing information. We can shop all of their products for you. 

In addition to their traditional collection they also offer a ‘Quick Ship’ program. All products within the quick ship program dispatch within 2-4 weeks of receiving your order, cutting down that wait time so you can finish your projects sooner. Click on any of the photos above or below to learn more about the specifications of that fixture.

These four lighting options are just a taste of their expansive quick ship selection.

If you’re interested in ordering any of these products, just give us a call and tell us which one and we can easily get your order started.

Urban Electric Quick Ship Options Preview

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Ravishing Rugs

At L.A. Design Concept’s were happy to announce the arrival of rugs to our website. We have a ravishing selection of rugs from timeless traditional styles, to artistic and bold contemporary modern pieces.

A large number of our rugs being carried on the site are a part of our IN-STOCK program, meaning you can skip the wait and enjoy that instant gratification of getting that rug immediately.

To start things off, we’ll showcase some of our artistic contemporary rugs with a bit more modern flare.

christopher farr rugs turnball in stock

view the rest of the CHRISTOPHER FARR collection here.

kravet rugs legacy sugar plum
KRAVET – Legacy, Sugar Plum

view the rest of KRAVET collection here.

la design concepts in stock rugs
LA Design Exclusive – Atifa Gray Orange Nepalese

view the rest of the LA DESIGN EXCLUSIVE collection here.

christopher farr rug new heights in stock
kravet rug cryptic firecracker in stock rugs
KRAVET – Cryptic, Firecracker

When planning a room, picking the rug as a starting point for the design space is a wise decision. Once you have the foundation of the room in place, you can start building your fabrics around your rug selection.  This is a much easier process then trying to find a rug to go with your fabric selections.

A perk of choosing L.A. Design Concepts for your designer rug needs is our ability to customize rugs. If you love one of the designs but need a different color or size, just ask us and we can obtain a quote to have the rug made to your exact specifications.

Here are some of our favorite picks for traditional style rugs, with timeless beauty.

kravet rug yerkes aegean
KRAVET – Yerkes, Aegean
kravet rugs in stock wakeby pineapple
KRAVET – Wakeby, Pineapple
la design exclusive in stock rugs
LA Design Exclusive – Serapi Rug
kravet in stock rugs wyola denim
KRAVET – Wyola, Denim

These picks are just a small taste of our expansive rug selection. We carry over 800 rugs in varying styles and colors, if you’d like to check out the whole collection click here.

Are you unsure how it’s going to work in your home? We can ship any of these rugs to you on consignment so you can try them out in your space, that way your design moment is guaranteed to be exactly as your imagined.

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Scalamandre is bringing you to Botany Bay

 Scalamandre fabrics has released a new spirited print, ‘Botany Bay’.

The English Dorset Coast was the inspiration for this design featuring a refreshed 19th century English archival print of pheasants perched on robust floral branches.

scalamandre fabrics botany bay
Scalamandre – ‘Botany Bay’ in Black Ruby

The Black Ruby colorway of this Scalamandre print is deeply detailed. Warm golden and amber walnut tones emerge from the dark background to compliment the jade and grassy tones of the leafage.

You’ll notice small other pops of color such as sky blue and sapphire scattered throughout for extra variety and depth.

scalamandre botany bay sky blue
Scalamandre – ‘Botany Bay’ in Sky Blue

For those interested in a more traditional light-hearted take, the sky blue colorway is gentle and breezy.

The pale blue background surrounds the brighter more vibrant pheasants and the mixed olive branches that support the floral formations.

The Reeves Pheasant was introduced to England in 1831 by British naturalist John Reeves and has since inspired a multitude of English hand block prints, many of which are now digitally printed.

This beautifully detailed bird placed upon saturated florals and strong branches is a must-have for anyone seeking a modern intricate floral that is intriguing and striking.

scalamandre botany bay sky blue
‘Botany Bay’ Sky Blue on the drapes

If you’re interested in shopping these brand new patterns, we make it simple. Pricing and fabric information is available by clicking on any of the desired patterns.

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Trending: Osborne And Little’s PALAZZO Collection

osborne and little pellestrina
Osborne & Little’s ‘Pellestrina’ fabric on sofa

Osborne and Little fabrics and wallpapers never fail to impress us, and this new ‘Palazzo’ collection is no exception.

osborne and little palazzo collection

Osborne and Little drew inspiration for this collection from Italian architecture and the deep and rich gem stones that remind us of royalty.

osborne and little velature pellstrina
‘Velatura’ pillow + ‘Pellestrina’ sofa

The combination of black and shadowed muted tones with the rich highlights of pinks, orange, and reds makes for a high contrast look that’s rich and velvety.

Opulence was a definitive thought in many of these luscious textiles.

osborne and littles torcello palazzo collection
Osborne And Little’s ‘Torcello’ on sofa + drapes

Not into the darkness? Osborne and Little’s ‘Torcello’ print has you covered with summery aqua and ruby hues. This particular pattern reminds us of a vibrant fruit salad with floral garnishes.

osborne and little palazzo collection
Osborne and Little’s ‘Russolo’ on sofa

Art Deco can’t die with Osborne and Little’s new ‘Russolo’ print. Giving you all the abstract expressionism you need and more. Muted jewel tones and calm gray negative space keeps this print from feeling overwhelming, but rather draws in the eye.

osborne and little palazzo
Osborne and Little – ‘Russolo’

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Schumacher’s Summer Collection: Nautilus

In previous articles we’ve gone over blue and white textiles and nautical themes and how you should apply them.

In today’s article we’re going to be discussing and reviewing some of our favorite new prints and recolors of existing patterns from Schumacher’s new Nautilus collection.

This collection is definitely ocean and nautical inspired, but in tasteful modern applications that don’t leave you feeling like you’re in a cheap beach shack.

schumacher great barrier reef
Great Barrier Reef – 3 New Colors

Schumacher’s coral inspired print ‘Great Barrier Reef’ has three lively new color ways. The original three colors were a bit more muted and neutral, making these primary color ways pop.

The gold and pink coral prints hold true to natural coloration of exotic coral you’d find out in the wild. Thanks to coral’s natural formations, they make for awesome abstract wallcovering or upholstery.

Some of these prints are brand new so they aren’t on our site yet, but we can still help you shop them. 

schumacher palmetto beach embroidery blue
Palmetto Beach Embroidery – Blue

For a simplistic fun Summer print, we heavily gravitated towards the ‘Palmetto Beach Embroidery’ in the blue color way. Something about these cute cartoon depictions of assorted palm trees is very appealing.

All the leafage is highlighted in a deep royal blue that gives the print some unpredictability and fun that any design moment could use for a little spice.

coralline by schumacher
Coralline by Schumacher

This last print ‘Coralline’ by Schumacher is an ode to the classic nautical stripes and rope motif that we’ve all seen millions of times.

What makes this print a little different is the attention to detail. Each column or stripe in this pattern is made of beautiful detailed swirls that remind us of the ocean.

In between is an intersecting imperfect rope detail that creates some nice natural lines because the formations it creates intersecting are not perfect, but differentiating.

If you’d like any help getting these gorgeous new Summer Schumacher prints and wallpapers into your home, simply give us a call.


M-F (8am-5pm) PST

Osborne & Little’s New Manarola Wallpaper Collection

osborne and little palmaria wallpaper
Palmaria – Osborne & Little

Osborne and Little’s newest wallpaper collection ‘Manarola’ is the exotic Italian get away your home needs.

The collection is inspired by the Italian riviera and the areas that surround it. Featuring citrus tones, raspberry, terracotta, aquamarine, and azure.

osborne and little palmaria colorways

The print featured in the photo above is titled ‘Palmaria’ and features wide luscious palm leaves in a variety of refreshing colorways.

osborne and little manorola collection italian riviera
Italian Riviera


A key part of the Italian riviera is the homes and culture surrounding it. Osborne and Little outdid themselves with the gorgeous detail of these non-woven wallpapers.

osborne and little fabrics portovenere
Portovenere – Osborne & Little

Compared to the actual photo of the Italian riviera, the ‘Portovenere’ print by Osborne and Little features a robust combination of warm summer tones accompanying the walls of the buildings and structures depicted.

The formation of windows and buildings actually makes for an extremely tasteful geometric print.

Scattered sparsely through out you’ll also notice some palms and greenery. This eccentric and vibrant wallpaper gives a space more depth, we love how it looks with these modern desert accessories.

Manarola Collection Osborne & Little
Portovenere Wall – Osborne & Little

How To Shop any Designer ‘trade-only’ Brand

We’re here to make everything simple.

On our website, we are proudly carrying over 100 designer brands that you can easily shop right on our platform.

kravet, designers guild brunschwig and fils duralee lee jofa schumacher scalamandre osborne and little clarence house

Thankfully, we can also help you shop the other designer brands that we don’t offer on our website.

perennials bennison zoffany pierre frey sanderson hinson pollack mokum pindler galbraith and paul fabrics4

In addition to these textile/fabric brands we can also shop any designer lighting or furniture brands for you such as these


2 Easy Steps

To start off, find the product, textile, fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or accessory from the name brand website you are seeking.

Next, give us a call at (562)-439-5626, you can speak with one of our talented and courteous team members. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and get an order started for you.


There’s benefits to shopping on our platform directly, because we do carry over 100 name brands, we’ve implemented the industry’s smartest and most powerful color search tool.

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