Kravet: Contemporary & Timeless Lighting Options

curated kravet lighting

It’s astounding that there is finally a solution to the age-old problem of being able to finish a design space or project within a short time period. Designers and consumers have struggled for years when dealing with a tight time frame and deadlines that approach way too quick.

With our new Curated Kravet arrivals, all of the items are sitting in stock and waiting to be shipped to you. On top of this, at L.A. Design Concept’s we’re proud to announce we also offer Free Shipping on this entire collection.  We know there’s nothing better then saving time and money, which is why we work closely with major Interior Design Labels to offer incredible products.

Some highlights of the new Curated Kravet collection include light fixtures with natural stone finishes. We picked the “Eliana Table Lamp” and the “Camilla Table Lamp”. Both feature similar color schemes in ivory, beige and cream. The Camilla table lamp is detailed with nickel plated solid brass hardware. The Eliana table lamp has a unique cream and gray wash finish that resembles sedimentary stones and gives off an elegant natural vibe. Each is hand made in the USA. Mixing natural elements into interior design is a direction we definitely recommend trying out. You can turn any indoor space into a zen area with these pieces that remind us of the tranquility of the outdoors.

Eye Catching Blue and White Fabric Choices

blue and white textiles

Hello there, and Happy Monday from L.A. Design Concepts! Today we’re going to be discussing some fun and modern patterns designed in one of time’s most tried and true color combinations: blue and white.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t seen a simple blue and white striped ‘nautical’ inspired print? It’s an effective classic done many times before. Since these colors work so well together, we’d like to highlight some great pattern applications that stray away from the ordinary and help your design moment truly stand out from the rest.

To start things off we’re going to break down each of these less traditional blue and white pattern choices starting from top left, and heading downward.

VICTORIA HAGAN - Summer Square - Indigo / Periwinkle
VICTORIA HAGAN – Summer Square – Indigo / Periwinkle

This Victoria Hagan textile, “Summer Square” is great for a couple different reasons. This pattern plays with circle and square geometric hollow shapes differentiating from a darker blue and a softer sky blue and is arranged in a checkerboard style that draws your eye all over it. Due to the hollow shapes, it isn’t too harsh to look at, and the use of negative white space makes the entire pattern more relaxing and fun. It gives off a retro geometric feel that is playful and appealing.

Our Osborne & Little Spring textile Top Picks

Spring has definitely already sprung, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late embrace the mood of the season. We’ve chosen some of our favorite textiles / fabrics / wallpapers from Osborne and Little collection.  All of these textiles can be used as wallpaper when paper-backed, so if you’re not upholstering for a project, you could transform that washroom into a mid-Spring night’s dream. For our inspiration we drew from different shades and hues of raspberry. As well as bold geometric patterns that can define a new beginning for anyone looking for that fresh start at this point in the year.

osborne and little japonerie

Our first pick is Osborne & Little’s ‘Japonerie’. Would you even be able to consider this a Spring textile top picks list without a floral? Of course not. However, we chose not to go to the obvious picks of lilies, daffodils,  or your typical rose print. This Asian inspired floral print features soft clusters of flowers amidst light wood branches.

osborne and little japonerie
Here is an image of the sapphire ‘Japonerie’ as a decorative cushion, and paper-backed as wallpaper. The combination of the light grey neutrals and the sapphire floral really just looks stunning.

The patches of floral differentiating in size draws your eye all over the print, not leaving any room for a single dull moment. The gray beige backdrop really makes the flowers pop, and the white crane flying among the trees is an elegant detail we’re obsessed with. Available in 3 other color-ways : sapphire, cyan, and burnt orange so you don’t have to compromise.

These new Curated Kravet accessories are Breathtaking!

Gemstones galore! Our newly received Curated Kravet accessories are bursting with lustrous splendor. Many gold trimmed agate slices and other natural gem inspired pieces are very astounding. Now surround your home with the healing energy of crystals, in a beautiful Kravet styled fashion.

A wide variety of geode sculptures and center pieces will leave you in awe. Gold leaf accented Crystalline boxes are some of our favorite ways to add a little excitement and drama to any space.

With the wide variety of designers housed by Curated Kravet, you’re sure to bring new life and enthusiasm to different rooms of the home.

Depicted in our gallery are some of the highlighted Kravet accessories that are hot in the interior design world currently. Also the back drop of each image is a part of a small series of custom paintings titled “Island”. The paintings are made to order in the USA and go in line with the rest of the accessory collection.

The collection also has a array of differentiating candle holders. Candle lighting is a house feature that many overlook, but it is one of the oldest traditions and one of our top beloved form of lighting. There’s nothing quite like a softly candle lit room to set a sultry or even relaxing mood.

We believe the next step of uplifting any area is correctly and tastefully utilizing the wall space. Whether it be an art-deco mirror, an abstract painting, or even some mounted lights, they can all bring your walls to life.

In addition to this ‘Island’ series, there are limited edition framed prints within the collection. The prints are from Kravet’s archive located in Bethpage, New York and come with serials of authenticity. They feature many different floral motifs and depictions of nature scenery incorporating wildlife and other natural wonders.

There’s nothing worse than a beautifully furnished room with lacking significant or statement pieces. Out of 224 Ready to Ship Curated Kravet accessories, we think you’ll have no problem picking out the right pieces to bring your home to another level of interior decor.

For some simple starters, we pair the small and large geode onyx boxes in spaces such as the washroom. These elegant details are inspiriting and can really bring out vibrancy in a place you wouldn’t normally expect.

Some may think the extreme contrasts of black and gold isn’t for everyone, but we know it can be added and appreciated when done appealingly. In a space lacking interest, black and gold is bold. We love this Curated Kravet bowl atop gold leaf covered branches. It provides a nature meets luxury premonition that we love.

Once you place an order for any of these accessories, rather than waiting for it to be made like most designer furniture they are all in stock and awaiting your request. This means you get to skip the wait as well as enjoy free shipping.

To check out the rest of our Curated Kravet accessories just click this link!


Most Powerful Textile Color Search Tool

Check Out this 1 Minute Video on How to Use Our Color Search Tool

Here at L.A. Design Concepts, we offer our clientele the industry’s most advanced and powerful textile search tool. Using this tool, you can search our extremely expansive catalog of fabrics and wallpapers from the interior design industry’s finest brands such as Osborne and Little, Duralee, Kravet, Scalamandre, Schumacher, Lee Jofa, Brunschwig and Fils, Clarence House and dozens more.

There are many different ways to browse using our Textile Search Tool.

For Starters, if you have a specific brand you like, easily filter the shown results by brand name to showcase that brand’s catalog of fabrics.

If you are looking for a specific color of textile / wallpaper you can click on any of the available color swatches on the tool. If those colors don’t suit your needs, simply click the small grid of black squares to open the in-depth color picker which ranges in many different shades of every color you can imagine.

If you are looking for a textile with multiple colors, our tool has you covered! Easily select up to five different colors to narrow that search down to exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, If I’m looking for a fabric with Pink & Gold, I will select both of those colors from the color picker.

From there you can use the sliders to adjust the percentage of color you are seeking in that exact textile like shown below.

With these settings, the search will show you textiles that are mostly Gold, with Pink accents. Try endless combinations, there are over 150,000 textiles, wallpaper, and fabrics to search from resulting in exactly what you need.

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