15 Sculptural Lights That Impress

Light art or luminism is an applied art form in which light is the main medium of expression. It is an art form in which either a sculpture produces light, or light is used to create a “sculpture” through the manipulation of light, colours, and shadows.

Tired of the tried and true?

Light up your space artistically with these gorgeous sculptural lights.

arteriors sculptural light zanadoo chandelier
1. ARTERIORS – Zanadoo Fixed Chandelier
charles loomis lighting capolino chandelier
2. CHARLES LOOMIS – Capolino chandelier
charles loomis lighting quill chandelier
3. CHARLES LOOMIS – Quill chandelier
ironware international lighting ondine 7 light chandelier
4. IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL – Ondine 7 Light Oval Chandelier with crystals
charles loomis lighting zaffiro sconce
5. CHARLES LOOMIS – Zaffiro sconce
hilliard lighting rain pendant
6. HILLIARD – Rain pendant
arteriors home lighting roxanne flush mount
7. ARTERIORS – Roxanne flush mount
ironware international lighting cassiopeia 5 light chandelier
8. IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL – Cassiopeia 5 Light Chandelier
arteriors home lighting payne chandelier gold leaf
9. ARTERIORS – Payne Chandelier
charles loomis lighting menage sconce
10. CHARLES LOOMIS – Menage sconce
arteriors home lighting webster chandelier
11. ARTERIORS – Webster chandelier
hilliard lighting rna pendant hang light
12. HILLIARD – RNA Pendant
arteriors home lighting dallas chandalier
13. ARTERIORS – Dallas chandelier
charles loomis lighting stix ceiling mount chandelier
14. CHARLES LOOMIS – Stix ceiling mount
decorative crafts lighting buca chandelier silver
15. DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Buca Chandelier

Talk about works of art, these hand crafted light fixtures are truly mesmerizing.

From retro gold piping art-deco inspired sculptural lighting, to unconventional modern appliques this list has lights for any need.

If any of the products in this article interest you, simply click on them to find out more information about specifications (size, materials, etc) or simply give us a call.

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5 Stunning French Living Rooms by Grange Furniture

Hello DIY Designers, today we’re going to be taking a look at 5 gorgeous contemporary and transitional French living room interiors.

All of the furniture and pieces in these photos are from Grange furniture, who is known for manufacturing fine French furniture since 1904.

Grange uses its 110 years of experience to redefine the company and acquire a fresh image in keeping with the brand’s values: respect for authenticity, savoir-faire and emotion as well as the art of French-living.


grange furniture french living
Grayscale Cozy interior by GRANGE


GRANGE furniture transitional
Transitional interior by GRANGE


GRANGE french furniture
Touches of Olive interior by GRANGE


grange furniture french living
Spring themed French interior by GRANGE


grange furniture contemporary french
Contemporary French interior by GRANGE

Notable pieces within these interiors include:

grange striped stacking console
GRANGE – console


grange furniture table jacob console
GRANGE – Jacob console


grange jacob coffee table color block
GRANGE – Jacob coffee table


grange french furniture coffee table retractable
GRANGE – coffee table with retractable leaves


grange domino chest 5 drawers
GRANGE – domino chest with 5 drawers


grange multicolor color block chest of drawers french
GRANGE – chest of drawers


grange gray daphne sofa french furniture
GRANGE – Daphne sofa


grange white low sofa chesterfield
GRANGE – Chesterfield sofa


grange meridienne chaise
GRANGE – Meridienne


grange arsene leather armchair
GRANGE – Arsene armchair

With the majority of Grange furniture, you can have up to three custom finishes for free included within the price. All pieces are made to order custom for whatever your interior design moment requires.

L.A. Design Concepts is the authorized Grange Furniture dealer for the Los Angeles area. If you’d like to shop any of Grange’s other products not included in this list, you can simply give us a call!

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How To Shop any Designer ‘trade-only’ Brand

We’re here to make everything simple.

On our website, we are proudly carrying over 100 designer brands that you can easily shop right on our platform.

kravet, designers guild brunschwig and fils duralee lee jofa schumacher scalamandre osborne and little clarence house

Thankfully, we can also help you shop the other designer brands that we don’t offer on our website.

perennials bennison zoffany pierre frey sanderson hinson pollack mokum pindler galbraith and paul fabrics4

In addition to these textile/fabric brands we can also shop any designer lighting or furniture brands for you such as these


2 Easy Steps

To start off, find the product, textile, fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or accessory from the name brand website you are seeking.

Next, give us a call at (562)-439-5626, you can speak with one of our talented and courteous team members. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and get an order started for you.


There’s benefits to shopping on our platform directly, because we do carry over 100 name brands, we’ve implemented the industry’s smartest and most powerful color search tool.

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Kravet’s Asian Inspired Prints are to die for

Your walls are a precious design space that can really transform your room. Sometimes you may not have room for additional furniture pieces, but you still want to liven up the room with something fresh and new.

In this post we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite Asian inspired prints from Kravet’s Curated selection.

The best part about these prints is they are ALL in stock, and ready to be shipped directly to you.

No waiting, just decorating!

If you’re looking for neutral and calming tones, we recommend these:

curated kravet asian prints blossoms gray blue
KRAVET – Blossoms, Gray Blue
curated kravet asian prints landscapes neutrals
KRAVET – Landscapes II
curated kravet asian prints tan neutrals series iii
KRAVET – Tan Neutrals Series III
curated kravet asian prints aubergine clouds
KRAVET – Aubergine Clouds
curated kravet asian prints blue series II
KRAVET – Blue Series II

If you’re looking for a bit more colorful prints, look no further.

These Kravet prints exude positive energy and brightness:

curated kravet asian prints blue floral ii
KRAVET – Blue Floral II

3 Easy Scandinavian Design Trends for 2018

With every new and approaching year, comes new inspiration and design ideas. During 2017 we saw a large amount of ‘Hygge’ or cozy and happy arrangements making their way through living rooms and bedrooms all over the United States.

Currently we’re at a mid-point in the year, its no longer the beginning of the year, but it’s definitely not half way through. What a better time to spice up your existing spaces with these top 3 easy Scandinavian design trends moving on through the rest of 2018.

Number 1: A touch of Blue, Accent Color

Blue Accents Go Great against White (image: BJORN WALLANDER)

Monochromatic style has run rampant throughout the interior design community, and we don’t have a problem with it! However, we’re noticing a strong move back towards color. Touches and accents of blue throughout a mostly monochromatic space provides some mood and drama in a space that could be brightened up.

Here is a couple of our favorite accessories and pieces you can use to add that touch of blue to your personal design moment.

Dorian Box                          Marcy Chair (marine)                         Waring Vase

Easily accent any glass or neutral coffee tables or shelves with accessories bursting with sapphire radiance such as the Dorian Box, to case some of your nick-knacks  or a truly more artistic approach with the ocean ripple inspired Waring Vase. If you’re looking for a seating option, we love the Marcy Chair’s deep blue upholstery as well as silver colored studs encompassing the bottom.

Number 2: Storage as Decor (No longer hidden)

This Walk-By Closet is nothing to try to hide.

For years its been a challenge to find a way to balance your minimal interior design style, with the fact that as humans we typically have a lot of items or goods that we need preserved and held onto. For this reason, we are ecstatic about this Scandinavian trend of highlighting a visually appealing storage piece, rather than trying to shove it under your bed.

We chose some eye-catching and fun pieces within our collection of designer furniture, that can house all that stuff (junk) you just can’t let go of, in a way you’ll want to show off to guests.

Brentwood Accent Etagere     Chest of Drawers          Lyon Biblioteque 

If you’re a collector, you probably have an arrangement of random statues, figures, or any other formations that just have to go somewhere. We’ve found the Brentwood Accent Etagere is a stylish way to display all these goods. Maybe you just have a lot of extra clothes or items you don’t want on display, but need to access frequently. The Grange Chest of Drawers is a marvel for housing a whole lot of items. The way the drawers are arranged on different sides encourages placing this item in a more open space, and the color finished panels make it easy. Lastly, this one is for you book worms out there, when the books you read just happen to have beautiful and endearing covers what better way to store your collection than this rotating Jasper biblioteque? Show off all the different titles you’ve read, while also creating an alluring design moment.

Number 3: “Lagom” Lifestyle Inspired Pieces

The phrase Lagom is a Swede, or Scandinavian term that simply means: a balance in everything. If there’s something us as Americans have been trying to achieve in our lives, it is definitely a Lagom way of life. While the Swedes might have already mastered this, you can easily start your journey to a balanced lifestyle with these responsible furniture purchases.

ted boerner reverie steel frame case
TED BOERNER – Reverie Steel Frame Case
marian jamieson lighting beam chandelier
MARIAN JAMIESON – Beam Chandelier

TED BOERNER Steel Frame Case, MARIAN JAMIESON Beam Chandelier

We chose these two exquisite pieces because they combine the industrial vibes of modern design, with rustic and older ways of life. The Reverie Steel Frame Case featuring photo backed glass slabs depicts an open field of greenery, encompassed into dark steel framing that we love. The Beam Chandelier is a very Lagom take on a traditional candle chandelier, this sleek glass cased antique brass candle lights, atop the macassar ebony strip really bring out the best of traditional candle chandelier lighting, and the advances in sleek and minimal design.

What do you think of our 3 Easy DIY Scandinavian design trends? Let us know if you give any of these a shot, or share your favorite easy DIY Scandinavian trend in the comments!


Top 5 Met Gala 2018 Looks as Luxury Home Decor

Zendaya : Jasper, Decorative Crafts, Ironware InternationalWhat is the Met Gala?

The Costume Institute Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is the biggest event on the fashion fundraising calendar. It was founded by publicist Eleanor Lambert, the benefit was first held in 1948 to encourage donations from New York’s high society. In its modern incarnation, the most famous faces from the realms of fashion, film, music and art come together to raise money for the Met’s Costume Institute and celebrate the grand opening of its latest exhibition. The night is centred on the theme of the new exhibition, this year’s exhibition theme is Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

We at L.A. Design Concepts find beauty and interior design inspiration from all aspects of life. This is why we thought we’d break down our top 5 favorite Met Gala 2018 looks, as luxury home decor items.

Starting off our list,

#5. Zendaya

Zendaya (pictured above) came dressed in an all silver chain-link page girl inspired look. The attention to detail in her attire was flawless. The pieces we chose out of our designer furniture collection include:

JASPER – Etoile Mirror : Depicting her pendant and chest portion of her outfit.

JASPER – Oxford Fire Screen 3 Panel : For the structure and silhouette of the look.

DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Seaver Cabinet : Shown as her portioned and scalloped details in the shoulder attachment as well as skirt mail.

IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL – Germaine 4 Light Chandelier : Interpreted as the details coming down off of her choker.

Cara Delevingne - Marian Jamieson, Grange, Arteriors, Ironware International

#4. Cara Delevingne

While we are still a bit unsure of the references or symbolism being made in Cara’s Met Gala 2018 outfit, it still stands strong as one of the more unique ensembles of the night. Here are the following pieces we chose for this inspired by the look:

MARIAN JAMIESON – Veronica Taboret : This one of a kind sculpture/stand represent’s the hour glass figure, leading to her strong shoulder points.

GRANGE – Meridienne : This luxurious day bed has class written all over it, a perfect resting place for Delevingne after her parade around the Met Gala.

ARTERIORS HOME – Vickery Chandelier : Cara’s head piece was definitely one of our favorites from the Gala, we found this piece’s resemblance was striking.

IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL – Artemis Fire Screen : The beautiful iron work on the Artemis Fire Screen eloquently depicts the details coming up the entire gown.

Cardi B - Decorative Crafts, Grange, Curated Kravet , Decorative Crafts

#3. Cardi B

Cardi’s high fashion regal angelic look, designed by Jeremy Scott, was another stand out of the night. The Soft cream and gold tones mixed with such over the top embellishments made it hard to look away. The following pieces from our designer furniture collection depicted are:

DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Pia Chandelier : Strong gold regal details in this piece, as well as general shape imitate Cardi’s extravagant silhouette.

GRANGE – Pauline Sofa : The beautiful detailing in the back and bottom of this sofa highly resemble the beads and decor on Cardi B’s couture gown.

CURATED KRAVET – Wise Sculpture : This gold nugget/gem stone inspired center piece glistens similarly to the silk train details trailing her dress.

DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Vinci Mirror : The elegant and glorious head piece atop her head extends to the sky just like this Decorative Crafts mirror.

Lana Del Rey - Ironware International, Decorative Crafts

#2. Lana Del Rey

Landing at our number 2 spot, Lana Del Rey’s Met Gala 2018 look truly blew us away. Starting at the top with her sapphire angel winged beaded halo, to the golden heart punctured with holy daggers, and ending with the elegant golden details crawling up from the bottom of her gown. This was A LOOK. The following are the pieces we chose from our collection:

DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Berici Mirror : Representing the antique gold detailing encompassing the whole dress, holding and tying all the elements together.

DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Lathyrus Screen : On top of the overall color scheme of this screen, the blue birds hand painted really bring us back to Lana’s ethereal blue winged halo.

IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL – Cleo 8 Light Chandelier : The circular antique silver formations in this chandelier feel like they were taken straight from Del Rey’s couture head piece.

DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Ocella Table : The natural swirls and details of this antique gold table mimic the majestic tendrils on the bottom of the ensemble.

Rihanna - Duralee, Schumacher, Decorative Crafts, Jasper

#1. Rihanna 

Are you surprised Rihanna made our number 1 spot? We aren’t. Rihanna as a fashion icon since day one, has always been breaking necks at every show and event she attends. We found her silver, pearl, and white Vatican inspired look to be the most exquisite of all the concepts brought to the Met Gala 2018. The designer furniture pieces we found inspired by the outfit are as follows:

SCHUMACHER – Pillement Mirror : The silver formations encompassing this mirror are holier than thou, and remind us of the stunning embellished details around the whole coat and dress.

DURALEE – Torrey Sofa : This elongated studded white leather sofa parallel the luxurious and lengthy robe adorned on Rihanna’s shoulders.

DECORATIVE CRAFTS – Capi Chandelier : The unique shape of this designer piece simulates the grandiose vibe we get from the Pope-inspired head piece.

JASPER – Eggshell Crackle Dining Chair : This delicate and pure dining chair notes beautiful structure in the details in a way the reminds us of Rihanna’s above the knee dress.

And there you have it! This concludes our top 5 Met Gala 2018 looks depicted by designer furniture pieces. Do you agree with our list? What were some other notable looks that inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

If you enjoyed any of these pieces we listed, simply click their titles in the description to be linked to that product page. We at L.A. Design Concepts have been offering couture trade-only furniture to designers and consumers alike since 1987.

These new Curated Kravet accessories are Breathtaking!

Gemstones galore! Our newly received Curated Kravet accessories are bursting with lustrous splendor. Many gold trimmed agate slices and other natural gem inspired pieces are very astounding. Now surround your home with the healing energy of crystals, in a beautiful Kravet styled fashion.

A wide variety of geode sculptures and center pieces will leave you in awe. Gold leaf accented Crystalline boxes are some of our favorite ways to add a little excitement and drama to any space.

With the wide variety of designers housed by Curated Kravet, you’re sure to bring new life and enthusiasm to different rooms of the home.

Depicted in our gallery are some of the highlighted Kravet accessories that are hot in the interior design world currently. Also the back drop of each image is a part of a small series of custom paintings titled “Island”. The paintings are made to order in the USA and go in line with the rest of the accessory collection.

The collection also has a array of differentiating candle holders. Candle lighting is a house feature that many overlook, but it is one of the oldest traditions and one of our top beloved form of lighting. There’s nothing quite like a softly candle lit room to set a sultry or even relaxing mood.

We believe the next step of uplifting any area is correctly and tastefully utilizing the wall space. Whether it be an art-deco mirror, an abstract painting, or even some mounted lights, they can all bring your walls to life.

In addition to this ‘Island’ series, there are limited edition framed prints within the collection. The prints are from Kravet’s archive located in Bethpage, New York and come with serials of authenticity. They feature many different floral motifs and depictions of nature scenery incorporating wildlife and other natural wonders.

There’s nothing worse than a beautifully furnished room with lacking significant or statement pieces. Out of 224 Ready to Ship Curated Kravet accessories, we think you’ll have no problem picking out the right pieces to bring your home to another level of interior decor.

For some simple starters, we pair the small and large geode onyx boxes in spaces such as the washroom. These elegant details are inspiriting and can really bring out vibrancy in a place you wouldn’t normally expect.

Some may think the extreme contrasts of black and gold isn’t for everyone, but we know it can be added and appreciated when done appealingly. In a space lacking interest, black and gold is bold. We love this Curated Kravet bowl atop gold leaf covered branches. It provides a nature meets luxury premonition that we love.

Once you place an order for any of these accessories, rather than waiting for it to be made like most designer furniture they are all in stock and awaiting your request. This means you get to skip the wait as well as enjoy free shipping.

To check out the rest of our Curated Kravet accessories just click this link!