Christopher Farr: These arent Ordinary rugs

Rugs are often the most important and focal design element of a room. It can make or break the space completely.

In a perfect world, the entire room is designed based on the choice of rug. Today we’re going to be showcasing a brilliant and responsible collection from Christopher Farr and all the designers associated within the collective.

In a world full of irresponsible item production and exploitative labor its refreshing to see companies taking action to change the industry.

‘With backgrounds that are firmly rooted in antique Oriental carpets and textiles, Christopher Farr and partner Bourne share a passionate knowledge of contemporary art and design that informs the work that is produced to this day.’

Farr and his team go by the ancient Persian proverb “Whoever has the best wool makes the best rugs”. It’s not just about getting these rugs out for the market, it comes from passion and an obsession with quality.

He and his team have undertaken many methods of extensive research in rug creation to discover the perfect blend of wool sourcing from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, and the United Kingdom.

Their hand spinning methods retain high lanolin content within the yarns, which eventually creates a patina that is lusted after and highly regarded in great Antique oriental carpets.

Wool isn’t the only material used in these artisan rugs, the team has experimented in mediums such as jute, linen, silk, and they are even beginning research into sustainable and recycled materials for the growing demand in the market today.

Christopher Farr rugs pass through the hands of many talented individuals before arriving at your doorstep. From the corners of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, to Konya in Turkey they have selected the finest of weavers male and female to complete the delicate and complex process of these rugs.

When it comes to style and design, Farr’s rugs are unparalleled in their unique splendor. The rugs are created with such thought and artistic inspiration they can easily be viewed as true works of art.

On top of this, Christopher Farr is also an active member of Care & Fair, an Indian based organization dedicated to eliminating child labor in the rug industry and educating the children located in populated weaving areas.

The Care & Fair organization was founded in 1994 and its core initiative was to combat child labor in the countries of origin, while also improving the living conditions for carpet knotters and their families.

At L.A. Design Concepts we proudly support companies and teams like Christopher Farr and offer you their products knowing they are making a difference in the world, and the design realm.

If you’d like to pick up any of these gorgeous pieces feel free to check out the entire collection here, or simply give us a call and we can help you shop any style and get one of these master pieces into your home.

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Ravishing Rugs

At L.A. Design Concept’s were happy to announce the arrival of rugs to our website. We have a ravishing selection of rugs from timeless traditional styles, to artistic and bold contemporary modern pieces.

A large number of our rugs being carried on the site are a part of our IN-STOCK program, meaning you can skip the wait and enjoy that instant gratification of getting that rug immediately.

To start things off, we’ll showcase some of our artistic contemporary rugs with a bit more modern flare.

christopher farr rugs turnball in stock

view the rest of the CHRISTOPHER FARR collection here.

kravet rugs legacy sugar plum
KRAVET – Legacy, Sugar Plum

view the rest of KRAVET collection here.

la design concepts in stock rugs
LA Design Exclusive – Atifa Gray Orange Nepalese

view the rest of the LA DESIGN EXCLUSIVE collection here.

christopher farr rug new heights in stock
kravet rug cryptic firecracker in stock rugs
KRAVET – Cryptic, Firecracker

When planning a room, picking the rug as a starting point for the design space is a wise decision. Once you have the foundation of the room in place, you can start building your fabrics around your rug selection. Β This is a much easier process then trying to find a rug to go with your fabric selections.

A perk of choosing L.A. Design Concepts for your designer rug needs is our ability to customize rugs. If you love one of the designs but need a different color or size, just ask us and we can obtain a quote to have the rug made to your exact specifications.

Here are some of our favorite picks for traditional style rugs, with timeless beauty.

kravet rug yerkes aegean
KRAVET – Yerkes, Aegean
kravet rugs in stock wakeby pineapple
KRAVET – Wakeby, Pineapple
la design exclusive in stock rugs
LA Design Exclusive – Serapi Rug
kravet in stock rugs wyola denim
KRAVET – Wyola, Denim

These picks are just a small taste of our expansive rug selection. We carry over 800 rugs in varying styles and colors, if you’d like to check out the whole collection click here.

Are you unsure how it’s going to work in your home? We can ship any of these rugs to you on consignment so you can try them out in your space, that way your design moment is guaranteed to be exactly as your imagined.

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Trend: Modern Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis Styled Pieces

Combine the appeal of clean minimal design with the warming and cozy touches of rustic desert decor, the result is a style that you can’t take your eyes off of: Modern Desert Oasis.

In today’s blog we’re going to be covering some gorgeous picks and pieces that can easily help you create your own desert oasis in your home.

Start with the basics: Seating

For this style, we’ll be using lots of exposed wooden frame chairs with rich earth/clay tones.

Next Step: Accessorize

Adding that natural desert ambiance is sometimes as simple as decorating existing furniture or space.

Mohair throws are great for draping over a chair or couch. Decorative pillows can add the desert look you’re looking for just by throwing them on top.

These Curated Kravet accessories can be mixed and matched and used in a variety of different ways.

Set it Down: Modern Wood Coffee Tables/Surfaces

The key to making this a ‘modern’ desert oasis, and not a natural history museum is the choice of gorgeous wood finish tables and surfaces.

The Mimi London and Robert James pieces we chose for this section make a nod to the great outdoors with defined and bold wood finishes, but feature modern touches that keep it from feeling dated.

Tie it all together: Rustic Desert Vibe Rugs

A well chosen rug can completely make or break the space. These Ready-to-Ship rugs from Kravet range from minimal neutral tones, to strong amber and clay colored themes.

With our picks, you can’t go wrong.